Consulting of medical institutions · Research works in medicine · International certifications · Service design

01Consulting medical institutions to improve management efficiency

- Purpose :  Consulting on improving the management of medical institutions
- Progress :  Improving service efficiency and business performance

02Consultations on building a universal model for the full support and care of foreign patients in medical institutions in Busan

- Project timeline :  2021.04 - 2021.12
- Goal :  Establish standard guidelines for serving foreign patients, suitable for medical institutions attracting foreign patients in Busan, by the conditions of small and medium-sized hospitals.
- Result :  Standard guidelines for serving foreign patients, suitable for small and medium-sized hospitals, guidelines for each contact person, and common forms developed

03Consulting on preparation for KAHF certification

- Project timeline :  2021.06 - 2021.10
- Result :  Obtaining a KAHF certificate by a medical institution

04Consultation for the development of Busan medical tourism information web magazine

- Project timeline :  2022.04 ~ 2022.12
- Goal :  To create and manage a guide for the publication of information content, by medical legislation, in the form of a web magazine dedicated to the Busan medical tourism industry

05Consulting on preparation for passing the JCI international certification

- Project timeline :  2022.06 ~ 2022.11
- Result :  Obtaining a JCI certificate by a medical institution